coming soon:

SHIFTED - under a single banner - 2xlp/cd/digital

under a single banner will be released 25th november, 2013.

expect textural relentless surreal techno fires

track list:
1. Core Of Stone
2. Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart
3. Suspended Inside
4. Under A Single Banner
5. Burning Tyres
6. Pulse Incomplete
7. Contract 0
8. Story Of Aurea
9. Wash Over Me


RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - water rose above the head - 12”

new incantations and investigations into the ‘water witches’ and ‘aqua spirits’ of the outer islands. morbid washy groove and sub bass openings. the return of yellow water ambient techno.

available for ordering direct or wholesale from: in the USA in Europe


VIOLET POISON - awakening messiah - 12”

bed of nails presents the fourth 12” on the label from italy’s obscured violet poison. dark, rolling, sinister pulse techno. a chalice boiling over with blooms of atmosphere where below there is a grave. available now in usa from forced exposure and boomkat in europe.

available for ordering direct or wholesale from:

Christian Cosmos “The Sharp Lines That Delineate His Robes” 12” out now.  Available from Boomkat.  Bronze Age and Christian Cosmos cassette versions coming soon.

My first mix for 13:13 is up! Midnight listening suggested: (Taken with Instagram)
vatican shadow’s first remix on wax of the dirt encrusted industrial techno collaboration violet shaped. also appearing on this 12” are heavy bottom dwelling electronic sub decompositions of roly porter and kangding ray.
see the vatican shadow tour flyer and stream a new track at 13:13